Rates and Fees



Rates and Fees

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For any questions regarding our Banking Fees*, please contact our business representatives at marketing@sternbank.com.

Trade Finance Tariff of Charges

For questions related to Trade Finance Rates and Fees, please contact our Trade Finance Department at marketing@sternbank.com.


Additional Standard Account Charges

FI Online User Tokens (per user, per annum) - $150

Corporate and Personal Online User Tokens - First User - Free

Corporate and Personal Additional Online User Tokens (per user, per annum)  - $150

Paper Statement Fee - $15

Loan Application Fee - $100

Certification of Balance - $15

Customer Service Investigation -  $25

Recall of a Wire Transfer  - $150

Stop Payment  - $70

Manual Wire -  $100

Unable to Apply Transaction - $50

940/950 SWIFT Message Daily Subscription - $200 per month

Expedited Wire Fee - $125

*The average monthly balance per account is $5,000, subject to limited exceptions.